FloWer Beach private boat for scuba diving

Best Snorkeling Courses Philippines

Enjoy relaxation and fun of a snorkeling straight from the boat at most beautiful snorkeling sites of Bohol, you will be able to see fantastic underwater life just a few meters deep!

We can arrange a private snorkel trip or for you to join the dive boat for the day. Our staff will show you the best snorkel places and explain what to look for. If you are new to snorkelling they will also show you how to use and clear a snorkel and how to move at ease in the water. Life jackets are available for non swimmers!

As our beautiful coral reef lays at just a few metres in places you can enjoy the underwater life without diving. Once you are tired, clim back onto the boat to relax in the sun.

Boat ride around Anda, Bohol in gorgeous Philippines