Underwater image with pink corals in Anda

Useful Scuba Diving Links

 Tauchernet : Useful resources for divers from all over the world, many locations including non tourists locations; german language only.

 Good Dive Scuba Diving Portal : On this website you have information for courses and relevant information for both amateur and professional divers. They have an easy navigation in main sections such as: vacation, equipment, dive guide, maps, etc.

 Diving Sites In Bohol : If you are interested to explore more sites, from this resource you can have a complete overview of the best spots of the dive sites in southern Bohol. Informative website with links at the bottom of the page.

Lonely Planet Philippines : Goes without saying that Lonely Planet has some amazing travel guides, if you want to plan your journey to Philippines, this is a good link to check out!

 Bohol Travel Guide : This travel guide that enable world travellers to discover the beauty of Bohol island from a wide range of attractions from natural fine white sand beaches, great scuba diving sites, scenic natural sceneries, ancient churches, cultural heritage and much more!

 Bohol Philippines : This site is a good source of local information about Bohol.

Ocean Fast Ferries Corporation: Ocean Fast Ferries Inc., a wholly owned Filipino corporation, is the owner and operator of a fastcraft (fast passenger boats) serving presently strategic routes in Luzon, Visayas and soon Mindanao areas.

 World Leader Of Scuba Dive PADI : Find scuba diving lessons, scuba certifications, dive locations and many useful resources.