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Resort Immerse In Philippine Nature

FloWer Beach Resort is a remote, tropical destination but don’t worry, getting here is no problem, however far away you are traveling from. There are direct flights to Manila from most places in Europe, Asia or the United States and once in Manila, its easy to catch an internal flight to Tagbilarian, the capital of Bohol.

If you are island hopping then it is easy to get to Tagbilarian by ferry from Cebu or Dumaguete.

From Tagbilarian we are just over an hour’s drive. Whether you take an exciting local bus or arrange our comfortable transportation you can sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery as we take the coast road out of the city.

Take a look at our special directions to plan your trip to FloWer Beach and find our resort on the satellite map. Take a look at the rates for transfers to get to our resort.

We can offer advice on flights and ferries and pick you up from Tagbilarian or even Cebu. Contact us if you need any help.