If you guys follow us here on our blog, you noticed that around a year ago (time goes by so fast!) we published this post with the classic red London buses in Philippines colours….that one was very cool and it received lots of shares, so we really hope this one can reach an even bigger audience this time!

So here we go, it looks like The Department of Tourism of the Philippines in collaboration with Philippines Airlines, went above and beyond and decided to theme the entire London Waterloo station (it’s not a small station by the way, according to Wikipedia is the busiest rail station in Britain!!!!) The station has been dominated in three fun ways. One, by taking “foot selfies” using floor stickers mapped around the station concourse. Second, by taking part in the 3D selfie stand, and lastly, by experiencing the Philippine islands in the virtual reality pods with 360 images taken by Philippines’ very own Rommel C. Bundalian. The fact of using Virtual Reality is getting more and more popular these days and hey if this can bring more visitors to the Philippines, the better! We hope that more people will get to our beautiful country!

If you want to know more about all the fun stuff, check out the official video below or click here for the full campaign release and please share with your friends!

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